Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Favorite YouTubers

So...remember how my New Years Resolution was to film more? I was doing really well and then my flame died out. I decided I want to start using my blog a lot more and doing blog post for the corresponding video.

Today's blog post as you can see from the title is going to be all about my favorite YouTubers. Now, this list is not my favorite YouTubers of all time. It is more likely people I have really enjoyed watching lately. I have broken it up into categories and each category has five YouTubers. I will let you know a little bit about why I enjoy watching the YouTuber and provide you with a link to their channel in case you want to check them out your self.

Let's start off with the first category that must of my subscribers care about...Beauty aka Beauty Gurus.

  1. Lisasz09 - Now this lovely lady is one of the review queen that I am very loyal to. I know that when she loves a product it is only cause it is the best. I absoutely love all her review videos and favorites. I have had the opporunity to speak to her outside of YouTube and she is truly a lovely person. http://tinyurl.com/Lisasz09
  2. JeanFrancoisD - Okay, can we talk about super talented make-up artists for a second. Because this gentlemen right here takes it in my book. His technique and application is truly amazing! I always feel like I learn something from his videos. I love that he is not afraid to think outside the box. http://tinyurl.com/jeanfrancoiscd
  3. Melmphs - I love having myself a good laugh and this energetic beauty always does the trick for me. Between her amazing southern accent and her random moments on camera she some of the most real videos in the beauty community. I love that she doesn't over edit and just goes with the flow. Her favorite videos are one of my favorites. http://tinyurl.com/MelissaRaymond
  4. UnlimitedElizabeth - If you watch my daily vlog (http://tinyurl.com/NarsGoneWild) this beautiful lady will be no surprise. She is my YouTube bestie and I can truly say she is a beautiful person inside and out. She has two channels but right now I want to talk about her beauty channel. If you are into special effects makeup you are going to love her. She is truly talented. I wish I had that creativity. She doesn't just believe in special effects for Halloween she is doing them all year round! http://tinyurl.com/UnlimitedElizabeth
  5. Glamlifeguru - Tati is another YouTuber that I really do trust as far as product reviews go. You can tell she is being genuine and will tell you the good and bad of products. She always has the best tips and tricks which is why I really enjoy those short videos she makes. She is also truly beautiful. http://tinyurl.com/glamlifeguru
Like I mentioned when speaking about Melissa (Melmphs), I love to laugh! So the next category is going to be comedy.
  1. Kingsley - Now lets talk about making me laugh in every single video! I literally will laugh out loud when I watch every video. His rants and explanation of moments in his life are priceless and amazing. http://tinyurl.com/k42g3y2
  2. Michael Buckley - I like to think of myself as pretty up to date with all things pop culture but I can always count on this guy to cover a story I haven't heard about but wish I had. His jokes and delivery are hilarious. He is another YouTuber that doesn't seem like he tries too hard. Although he kind of "plays" a character during his WhatTheBuckShow, it still comes off as natural and I appreciate that as a viewer. http://tinyurl.com/m7o6jpr
  3. It'sGrace - Missing DailyGrace well Grace Helbig has a new channel called It'sGrace. I love that every day you can expect something different and it is never repetitive. Her humor is very sarcastic which I appreciate and she is really pretty. http://tinyurl.com/itsgrace
  4. Soundlyawake - First of all he is from New Jersey so I am kind of biased. I have been subscribed to Nick for almost 5 years now I believe. His channel has grown and so has his list of characters which is my favorite part of his channel. My favorite character is Keisha. http://tinyurl.com/kqc63dz
  5. Shane Dawson - Now, I subscribed to his daily vlog channel which I enjoy a lot more then his main channel. But I have listed him under comedy because he makes me laugh in almost every video. I love when he does collabs with other YouTubers. http://tinyurl.com/khps6pf
Reality TV used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. Better ever since I started following daily vloggers, I am no longer interested in scripted "reality" TV. I started daily vlogging last summer and some of my favorite YouTubers have a daily vlog channel.
  1. SacconeJolys - I was subscribed to Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet) and she announced she was going to have a daily vlog channel. I've been subscribed to her and Jonathan since the beginning. It is amazing to see them now 6 dogs and 2 children later. I might not know them IRL but experiencing their life with them everyday in awesome. http://tinyurl.com/Leflooftv
  2. SupDaily06 - This daily vlogger isn't the take the camera on the go type. He daily vlogs usually from his living room. I don't think I would really care where he vlogged because he is pretty nice to look at. I enjoy his videos because they are short. I'm also a big fan on his views of life. http://tinyurl.com/mmlmbo2
  3. TheVitales - I am pretty sure you have all heard of Laura Vitale, did you know she daily vlogged too. I am not the best cook although I am subscribed to her main channel (cooking channel), she also has a beauty channel VitaleStyle. My favorite of the three is her vlog channel. Her and her husband Joe are so down to earth! They are also from New Jersey, which makes sense! ;) http://tinyurl.com/lxztho7
  4. UnlimitedMommy - This lovely lady gets a double feature in this post. Maybe it's because she is a good friend but it's more like cause she is freaking awesome! I mentioned Elizabeth in my favorite Beauty Gurus. But she is also one of my favorite daily vloggers. Her son Buddy is the cutest little boy! And I just love following them around (creeper, I know!). http://tinyurl.com/m5v2qg6
  5. ItsJudysLife - I''ve been susbcribed to Judy for a long time now. I was first subcribed to her beauty channel (ItsJudyTime) and then she started vlogging with her boyfriend (now husband Benji). Just like Anna from the SacconeJolys. It is so awesome to see these people's lives develop. Judy and Benji now have Julianna and the twins. I also had the pleasure of meeting Judy and Benji when they had a meet up in Miami a few years ago. http://tinyurl.com/ItsJudysLife
I have always had a fascination with other countries including the ones on the other side of the pond. British YouTubers have become some of my favorites. Maybe it is their witty humor or their sexy accents but all the ones mentioned below are awesome in their own right.

  1. Ben Brown - The main reason why I love watching this lovely man's vlogs is because it is like watching art. He's vlogs are beautiful and so nice to watch. He is also not too bad himself ;) I loved his vlogs when he was in Africa and his most recent adventure to Costa Rica. http://tinyurl.com/MrBenBrown
  2. Jim Chapman - I love that he has a variety of videos from vlogs to his favorite products. He is also very funny! I found out about Jim from Tanya Burr, his fiance she is also a beauty Guru which we will talk about later. It also helps that Jim is also very nice to look and he is very tall. ;) http://tinyurl.com/JimChapman
  3.  FunForLuis - Another amazing daily vlogger that just lives every day like it's his last. I love all the amazing adventures he takes us on. Plus all the new experiences I get to see him take part in. The dreads are a plus too ;) http://tinyurl.com/p4xb5ky
  4. ThatcherJoe - Seriously so cute and funny! I love his impression videos where he does impressions of different characters, etc. I've also been loving his prank call videos as well. http://tinyurl.com/mqkgjmb
  5. Tanya Burr - The only beauty guru mentioned in the British category. I love her very wearable looks, tutorials, and outfit of the days. I also am subscribed to her vlog channel. http://tinyurl.com/TanyaBurr
Music is one of my favorite ways to disconnect from the world. So of course I had to mention some of my favorite musicians on YouTube.
  1. Peter Hollans - I heard about Peter through Nick (Soundlyawake). Nick mentioned Peter's Disney medley and I instantly fell in love. He has such a soft voice that I would love to hear every night before bed. http://tinyurl.com/az2kr7j
  2. Max Schneider - This boy is a such a cutie and I love his raspy voice. He also has a fascination with monkeys. http://tinyurl.com/prfcrk4
  3. Savannah Outen - Has a very different voice. Also kind of raspy. I love her style and have purchased several covers she has done. http://tinyurl.com/SavannahOuten
  4. Josh Golden - Such a sweet voice and very nice to look at. http://tinyurl.com/ne8veua
  5. Sam Tsui - Sam has got to be my all time favorite voice on YouTube. I have been subscribed for years. He is one of the first musicians I subscribed to and I have never regretted it. I love his style of singing and all the songs he choices to cover. http://tinyurl.com/msb4k7k
Please let me know who your favorite YouTubers are. I love watching new people/content. There are several categories I didn't get to cover. Let me know if you would like me to do another blog post on some other people I enjoy watching. 

Hope you guys are having a lovely week.


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