Tuesday, April 12, 2011

M.I.A from YouTube Video Making

Hey Guys!

This is so weird for me. I am not used to blogging and I feel a lot more comfortable just talking to you guys in a video. Unfortunately my FlipCam broke a couple of weeks ago which is why I have not posted a video on my YouTube channel. I LOVE making videos and miss it so much! There are so many videos I had planned to record and now that I don't have a camera it's not really going to work. I hope to buy a new camera soon but I am not sure when that exactly is going to happen. So in the mean time I decided to create a blog to post any updates or reviews. If you guys have any requests on posts you would like to see or videos you would like me to record once I get a camera, please post a comment below. Hopefully I'll get the swing of this quickly. My first real post is going to be a review on some Murad skincare products I was using. Please look out for that and I hope you guys start to follow this blog.

Thank you!

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