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Review: Big Sexy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

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I am constantly changing my shampoo and conditioner. I never use the same one back to back. The JcPenney salon inside of my local mall always has the best sales on liter sized shampoos and conditioners, so I tend to always get them there. I was looking for a product to make my hair a bit voluminous, so I decided to get Big Sexy Hair's Big Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Sexy Hair products are available at certain salons. If you click on this link: you can find a salon near you that sells Sexy Hair products. You can also find their products at TJMaxx and Marshalls for reduced prices. I also believe that certain drugstores have a section dedicated to salon products and I have seen Sexy Hair products in this area.

Big Volume Shampoo

Use on flat/fine/thin hair to add fullness
Maintain moisture and protect color.

1 Liter | Price will vary where purchased

My Thoughts:
First thoughts when I used this shampoo was that I loved the way it foamed! My hair felt extremely clean after rinsing the product out. I always shampoo twice because of the length and thickness of my hair and this shampoo did not dry it out. All though volumizing shampoos tend to have a rep for drying out your hair, this shampoo defiantly keeps your hair moisturized while adding volume. I say keeps your hair moisturized because I do not believe it adds moisture. So if you have dry hair, I do not think this product will be write for you. Again keep in mind almost all volumizing shampoos do not have moisturizing effects. 
Sexy Hair claims for this product to revitalize hair after daily use. I am not sure if this claim is true as I do not wash my hair everyday. It is recommended not to wash your hair everyday as your hair needs the natural oils to keep it hydrated.  
The wheat proteins and other ingredients in the shampoo is what helps add fullness and volume to your hair while keeping it hydrated. Since Big Sexy Hair is a light weight shampoo it won't strip your hair from its soothing properties.
Will I purchase this product again? Well as I stated before I tend not to use the same shampoo twice but if I am ever in the need for a good volumizing shampoo I know which one I can count on. ;) 

Big Volume Conditioner

                                                         Use on flat/fine/thin hair to detangle
Add moisture and increase fullness

1 Liter | Price will vary where purchased

My Thoughts:
First thoughts on this product was "WOW YOU SMELL PHENOMENAL!" At the moment you open the bottle you can smell the deliciousness of this conditioner. This conditioner does an awesome job at adding shine and volume to your hair. I only condition the ends of my hair which means the product never makes it to my scalp. But my ends have not looked this shiny in a long time. Last night I did conditioned twice and my hair looked like sunshine this morning. :P
Conditioner is basically grease if you think about it. This conditioner is super light weight and does not weigh your hair down. Which to me is very important considering the amount of hair I do not want the products I use to weigh it down. 
The conditioner is defiantly a lot more moisturizing then the shampoo. Which makes sense because shampoo is meant to clean and conditioner is meant for shine, moisture, and detangle.
I also noticed after several uses that my hair did not have as many fly aways at the roots. Which makes me believe that this product prevents frizz. Which for a girl living in Miami that is a must with all this damn humidity. 
Another important factor is its ability to detangle which is awesome! Since your hair is so soft and moisturized, it detangles like a dream!
The sage oil and pro-vitamins B5 in the volumizing hair conditioner delivers ample fullness to your hair. 
Will I purchase this product again? Most defiantly! It does everything that I love in a conditioner 
and I  enjoy the shampoo as well, so its a win/win for me :)

Final Thoughts:
The Big Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner are awesome products. I believe they would work with all hair types considering you get a good balance with the shampoo and conditioner. I would defiantly recommend going to your local TJMaxx or Marshalls and picking up a bottle. If you want big hair, you will love this! There are other products within the Big Sexy Hair line. I am currently trying out the Root   Plump Plus which I am still trying out. Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you.


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