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Review: Murad Vitalic Skincare Regimen

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A couple of months ago after I was done using the Ole Henrickson skincare line, I decided to branch out into a different line. While working at Sephora I used to sell Murad's Acne Skincare Regimen a ton and it does truly work! But I do not have acne so there was no point in trying that regimen. After doing some research and taking Murad's questionnaire on their website I decided to the Vitalic Skincare Regimen would be best for my skin type. I have tried all of the products in the line except for the eye cream. Two of the products were given to me when I was an employee at Sephora.

The Vitalic Skincare Regimen features pomegrante extract to balance oily and dry zones of the skin throught the science of cellular water. Combination skin is the most common skin type. If you have combination skin you are usually oilier in the T-zone with some dryness at the perimeter of the face. This skincare regimen is designed for people with the following skin concerns: oily T-zone, clogged pores, occasional breakouts, and premature aging.

These products are available at Sephora, and wherever else you can find Murad Skincare products. Sephora does not sell a set for this particular skincare regimen. On the other hand the Murad website does sell a 3-step regiman for $91. On the Murad website it says it is a 90 day supply, so basically 3 months.

Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser
A "dual-action" foaming cleanser. Cleanses and tones face in just one step.

1. Washes away pore-clogging impurities
2. Stimulates healthy cell function

5.1 fl oz. | $26

My Thoughts:
I had never tried a foamy cleanser before and I enjoyed it. My face defiently felt clean and refreshed after using it, while still being very gentle. Because it has the Witch Hazel in it, many people might think it would be harsh. On the contratry I feel there is not enough Witch Hazel in it. Since it is a "dual-action" product I expect to not feel the need to tone after. With this product I felt like there was a step missing. I enjoy toning my face because of the feeling of my pores being "closed." For those of you that feel like toners make your skin feel dry, you should try this out because I did not feel any sense of dryness with this product. Another positive is that the product smells amazing! Since it contained pomegrante extracts, it has a great scent!
Now is the product worth $26? I am not sure. I do not mind spending a little extra money on my skincare products because my skin is very important to me. But I do not think I would repurchase this product for the simple fact that it did not prove to perform both the cleansing and toning for me.

T-Zone Pore Refining Gel
A treatment step used to balance oily and dry zones of the skin, for a more radiant complexion.

2.0 FL. OZ. | $40

My Thoughts:
I am still very confused on what this product is for. Which says a lot because I have issues with my T-zone. When reading the name as a T-zone Pore Refining Gel, I thought it would be perfect for me. I would use it after the cleaner and let it dry. I did not notice a difference at all.
The reviews on Sephora and the Murad website are very good for this product, so I had high hopes before I started using it. It may help people with more severe T-zone issues, which makes me question if my T-zone is as bad as I had thought.
This product is $40, which is very pricey in my opinion. Thankfully I recieved a deluxe sample of this product when working for Sephora and the mini bottle lasted me for as long as I was using the skincare regimen. Since it did not work for I do not feel like it is worth the money. But for all of those ravers on the Sephora and Murad website it is worth every cent.

Pomegranate Exfoilating Mask
Antioxidant-rich mask restores, revitalizes and balances combination skin.

1. Dissolves tired cells and frees skin's surface of trapped impurities
2. Softens, conditions and hydrates

6 Treatments | $22.50

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

My Thoughts:
This product really surprised me. I am used to the typical thick mask that hardens after a couple of mintues. This mask is a gel like formula and feels amazing on the skin. Since it contains natural fruit enzymes it has a tingly effect on the skin. It is not an irrating or burning sensation at all! My skin feels so much smoother and has a beautiful glow right after using it. The fact that they are individual packaged is also great because you know exactly how much to use. One whole package was enough for my face and down my neck. I probably could have gotten away with using a package twice but i liked to layer it on. If you have a smaller face just use less and tape the package closed.
This product is $22.50 and I defiently feel like it is worth every penny. If you have combination skin with problems with an oily T-zone but still want a glow, this is for you. The fact that you can use the packages several times and this product is only to be used once a week it can last you for atleast 12 weeks, even more! I am defiently going to repurchase this product!

Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF 15
A lightweight moisturizer that infuses skin with hydration and energy. Delivers oil-free hydration while infusing skin with a natural glow.

1. Provides broad spectrum sun protection
2. Protects against free radicals

2.0 FL OZ | $33

My Thoughts:
This product is very light-weight, on the other hand it feels very greasy on my skin. I am still using this product because I have not run out of it. It does not break me out but I feel like it leaves a "film" over my skin and does not absorb very well. I do really like that it has SPF 15, so I use it in the morning after I wash my face.
This product is $33 which for a moisturizer I think is pretty average. I did not pay for this product, it was provided to me when I worked for Sephora. But once I finish this product I will not be repurchasing. I'm happy that it has lasted me this long. One of the reasons why is cause I do not use it at night as I do not feel the need for SPF at night.

Final Thoughts:
Overall the Murad Vitalic Skincare Regimen is a good skincare regimen. It is defentily formulated for combination skin, with oil issues in the T-zone. My face is not oily enough for some of the products but if that is your concern, TRY THIS! There is also a lip balm in this line which I own but have not tried, along with an eye cream that I do not own. The whole regimen lasted me about 3 months. I am still using the moisturizior as perviously stated. None of the products broke me out. Keep in mind my skin is not too sensitive and I am not prone to breakouts. I do believe that all of the products would be light enough for a sensitive skin type. If you are interested in trying any of the products that are in bottles, I would recommend going to your nearest Sephora and asking for any samples to bring home. I always say that a sample size sometimes just does not cut it because when it comes to skin care your skin has to get used to the products and usually results aren't instant.

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